Pistachios are a member of the cashew family, a small tree originating from Central Asia and the Middle East. The tree produces seeds that are widely consumed as raw food and for countless cooking recipes in the kitchen.


Dates are one of the world's oldest cultivated fruits, it's thought that they were a staple part of the Babylonian diet 8,000 years ago. Grown in North Africa and Israel, there are several varieties, but only a handful are exported to Britain.


The stigma of a type of crocus, saffron threads have a pungent and distinctive aroma and flavour, slightly bitter and a little musty, and with a suggestion of something floral. This is among the most luxurious and excellent of spices.

From Wholesale To The Kitchen

We have a long-standing history of working in the markets that are growing, harvesting and providing the best quality pistachios in the world. We source directly from farms in Persia, meaning we can provide the best prices for the highest quality products to partners all over the world.

For Those With Good Taste

We are a grower, processor, packer and exporter-importer of premium pistachios, dates and saffron. Whatever stage of the procurement and supply chain process you require, we can facilitate and deliver the best services and products to you, working towards long lasting professional relationships.

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