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Who We Are

Quality and variety are at the forefront of our philosophy. We take great pride in sourcing world-class pistachios that are both low in aflatoxin and high in nutritional value.

Akbari, Badami, Momtaz, Jumbo, round, long or green-skinned, all types of pistachios can be found in our selection. Recently we have added saffron and dates to increase our product range, please ask us for more details.

Our clients are as diverse as the far corners of the world; from Europe to Asia, Latin America to Australia and the Middle-East. We proudly export to all major markets and customise flavours to suit your local customers.

We are delighted to bring to the market the best and finest produce to satisfy 'glocal' needs, and our certification portfolio testifies to the premium quality of all our products. We are certified by the BRC Agents and Brokers (British Retail Consortium), and are a member of the International Nuts and Dried Fruits Council, in addition to the Vegetarian Society.

Why Buy From Us

“Quality is a state of mind” and with us, you can be sure of a consistent quality. We value our customers' experience and with every transaction, we guarantee to leave you satisfied and we always stand by our core values:


We strongly believe in pistachios and their health benefits. Our passion has fuelled our interest in taking part of every step of the process, thus contributing to our ability to source high-quality pistachios.

Premium quality

We always aim for excellence. Pistachios can only be appreciated for their refined quality, and we strongly focus on preserving that status. Our pistachios meet the low aflatoxin levels set by the EU, and we have inspection certificates that underline the premium quality of our products.


We offer pistachios in a variety of forms, sizes and shapes, including jumbo, round, long, green-skinned, kernels, powder and chopped. Whatever you require, there will be a pistachio solution with us. We don't rest there; our offering extends to other delicacies such as saffron and dates, so feel free to ask us for more details on our product range.

Customer care

You are at the heart of everything we do. We assist you through the entire process; from choosing products to tracking your delivery. We offer a customer-tracking system to help you stay on top of your shipment, 24 hours a day. We are a family company, which means we strongly value our business with you and your overall satisfaction in order to ensure a long term client relationship.

Price Guarantee

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of pistachio for the lowest prices. By closely working with our supply chain and ensuring that each step of the way is effective, we can stand by our mission and keep prices low.

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Next Steps

For wholesale enquiries and more information on our products, processes and partnerships across the world, please contact us now.